Key Benefits of Ashitaba Plant


Ashitaba is a plant that is commonly found in Japan. The plant has been documented in Chinese medicine documents. The plant leaves and roots have over 40 health benefits, which have been researched and approved in countries such as Japan, China and Indonesia. Most of the people in Japan use the plant as a local diet. The plant is mainly grown in reach volcanic soils near mountains where there is plenty of the sunshine and clean air. Due to the ashitaba plant’s countless health benefits most of the community around where the plant grows, cultivate the plant and they use an entirely organic type of cultivation. Though there are countless benefits associated with the plant, is a list of some of the benefits of ashitaba.

Rich in antioxidants

Ashitaba is one of the richest plants in antioxidants in the world. Antioxidants are required in almost all health solutions. It is commonly known for its anti-aging capabilities. Antioxidants also play a crucial role in body cells, it prevents unhealthy cell division and also replaces dead or damaged body cells, this helps in slowing ageing rate.

Cancer fighting

Most people are planting this wonder plant in their backyards, due to its ability to fight cancer. It has been tested and proved that the plant could treat skin and lung cancer. Ashitaba roots have proved to have cancer reversing abilities.

Help in treating depression

Depression is a mental condition that is caused by an imbalance of chemicals in the brain or hormonal imbalance. Ashitaba is known to stimulate nerve growth factor which plays a significant role in the nervous system. The plant promotes better hormonal regulation and also promotes the general well being of your body.

Improves skin health
The plant is known to health to your skin. The plant has high flavonoid content which improves the overall blood circulation in your body. Since the plant is natural, it is safe to apply on your skin, and this helps to prevent your skin against ultra violet rays. The plant has anti viral and antifungal properties, which helps in healing of minor wounds on your skin.

Promotes weight loss
The plant contains chacones elements, which is key in weight loss. These are chemicals that help to lower cholesterol levels and regulate blood pressure. The plant is also rich in fiber which helps a lot when it comes to food digestion and helps to prevent bloating.
The plant also contains vitamin B12, which is vital when it comes to nerve growth and also increases the production of blood cells and hormones.

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